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Recent Empties.

If you’re new here, you may not know that “Empties” posts are some of my favourites! It is so satisfying to see a collection of empty products that you have completely used up – leaving room for alllll the fresh new products🙌🏻 Below you can read about each of my recent empties – a little blurb from the brand, my thoughts, and if I’d repurchase. So let’s just dive right in!

Kaia Naturals The Vitamin Cleanse Wipes

The sustainable answer to single-use makeup wipes. Soaked in vitamins C, E, and B12—plus antioxidant-rich honey and skin-softening sunflower seed oil—these cleansing cloths remove makeup and impurities while refreshing your complexion. Crafted from 100% biodegradable and compostable unbleached bamboo, they’re perfect for even sensitive skin, and can even be planted after use.

About a month ago I received a surprise little package in the mail from Kaia Naturals and it was these wipes. I used to use makeup removing wipes every single day for years but have recently moved away from them as they are a single-use item and I am slowly trying to do what I can to use more sustainable items. Now that being said, as you can see above these wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable so they are definitely a big step up from many wipes that are currently on the market. I really did enjoy these wipes; they have a fresh citrusy scent and they did a great job of removing my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean (not sticky). Although these were gifted to me, I would likely purchase them myself in the future – I think they’d be great for travelling!

Pür Cosmetics 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15

A continual PÜR best-seller, this versatile, all-in-one foundation, concealer, powder and SPF 15 has been clinically proven to correct, prevent and interrupt your biggest skin concerns—even after the makeup comes off! 

I have been using this foundation for nearly 12 years now – it is hands down my favourite foundation. It is finely milled so it literally melts right into your skin and looks so incredibly natural. You can adjust the coverage depending how much you need; even the lightest dusting covers my redness so well. I have used many different brands and types of face products over top of this (blushes, bronzers, highlights) and everything seriously looks beautiful – this foundation is amazing. This product is cruelty-free, talc-free, vegan, and gluten-free. I will 100% continue to repurchase this foundation because it’s the best in my opinion!

Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer

Rosehip is known for toning, soothing and regulating complexion. Combined with the moisturizing power of carrot, this moisturizer will help improve the appearance of sensitive and over-reactive skin.

  • Rosehip Extract: hydrates and improves the appearance of skin; antioxidant; source of vitamin C
  • Lemon: assists in toning and reducing visible signs of aging
  • BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin

This was the second time that I repurchased this moisturizer, it’s definitely one of my favourites that I’ve tried. It does an amazing job of soothing my sensitive skin and making my skin feel hydrated but not greasy or oily. It has a light scent and absorbs into the skin really well. I absolutely love Eminence Organics products and my skincare collection has many of their products in it. Although I haven’t repurchased this moisturizer yet (trying to use up some other things) I will continue to do so in the future.

Eminence Organics Rosehip Exfoliating Masque

As the maize flour in this mask exfoliates, rosehip infuses the skin with high quantities of antioxidant vitamin C. Irritated skin is then soothed by honey and zinc oxide. A perfect remedy for sensitive and oily skin.

I think that this mask may have been reformulated as it is now called the “Rosehip + Maize Exfoliating Masque” – I’m not exactly sure. The original mask that I had smelled strongly of citronella (like the mosquito candles) but once I got past that scent I did really like the mask. It was one of the strangest textures I’ve ever experienced…it was silky but also almost…gummy? I know, weird🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyway, after using this my skin always felt soothed, smooth, and silky soft – who doesn’t want that? I can’t see myself repurchasing this mask any time soon but I really did like it!

BeautyCounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

A lightweight, creamy foundation that actually cares for your skin, this formula goes on seamlessly and blends effortlessly to cover imperfections and visually even out skin tone. Buildable and natural-looking, it leaves you in control of the coverage

Around the time that I first started my blog I was really trying to research and learn more about clean beauty (I still am). While I have learned quite a bit since then, it can be quite overwhelming so I am still trying to figure it all out. BeautyCounter is a clean beauty company and I was super excited for my first real foray into the 100% clean beauty scene. I purchased this foundation as well as their concealer to test out; while I didn’t mind the concealer I found that it didn’t have the coverage that I was looking for and is quite expensive so I have not repurchased it at this point. I have really enjoyed this foundation and oddly really love the smell of it lol – it smells clean (what a crazy concept right🤪). I find the coverage to be quite light, it is more like a tinted moisturizer. When my skin is being well-behaved this foundation is great to even things out, but when my skin is not-so-great, this is not the foundation I reach for because the coverage is pretty minimal. I am not sure about the other shades in the range but I found this one to be a bit too pink toned for me at times as well. I have not repurchased this yet but I could see myself using it again in the future.

Nude by Nature Perfecting Concealer

    The Perfecting Concealer instantly covers dark circles, disguises puffiness, hyper-pigmentation and blemishes. Enriched with Australian native Kakadu Plum, Vitamin E, Jojoba and Shea Butter, the formula works to provide skin coverage while helping improve skin radiance.

    • Highlights to refresh tired looking eyes
    • Conceals dark circles and imperfections

This is another product from a completely clean beauty company; I have used a few Nude by Nature products and I LOVE their packaging – it’s rose gold and looks way more expensive and high-end than it is. This concealer had decent coverage and was quite blendable, I mostly used it under my eyes to brighten and conceal dark circles. While it’s not the absolute best concealer I’ve ever used, I did think it did a pretty good job and I love that it is made with clean ingredients. The tube is super small and I always had a hard time squeezing the product out for some reason – unsure if it was just mine or if that’s the way they all are. I likely won’t repurchase this to be honest but Nude by Nature does have another concealer that I think I’d like to try.

Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar Toner

Our raspberry vinegar toner is designed for those with oily or acne-prone skin. coldpressed and fermented raspberries deliver an acetic acid and nutrient-rich vinegar that helps regulate oil production and calms angry skin. a toner that soothes, supports natural circulation, and restores balance to the skin’s pH levels? Check, Check, Check!

Cocokind is right up there with Eminence Organics as one of my absolute favourites when it comes to not only clean beauty brands, but brands overall. I have purchased and tried so many of their products and have loved them all – seriously they’re SO GOOD. I have recommended this toner specifically to a ton of people and have always heard nothing but great feedback! This toner does an amazing job at keeping my skin clear without over drying – two things that don’t typically go hand-in-hand. The one thing I always warn people of with this one though is that is does smell like straight up vinegar; it does have a sweetness to it too because of the raspberry but if you are scent-sensitive it’s something to be aware of. Cocokind also has a Rosewater Toner that I have purchased multiple times and that’s what I will be using moving into the cooler weather because it’s more soothing and hydrating, but I will definitely repurchase the Raspberry Vinegar Toner in the Spring/Summer.

Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled Leave-In Conditioner, Detangler

No need to tearfully tear those tangles away – allow UN.TANGLED to do all the hard work for you. Our leave-in conditioner is formulated with a complex blend of nourishing Australian Fruit Extracts that help detangle, strengthen and restore hair to sleek perfection. Added heat protection also helps guard against styling damage.

I have raved about this product for years now and have continued to repurchase it over and over again. This along with the Kevin Murphy Young Again Treatment Oil have completely saved my fine, bleached hair and brought it back to life; seriously my hair didn’t grow for YEARS – I mean it grew but just broke off at the ends so it was the same length forever. Once I started using this and the oil every time I washed my hair, it made the hugest difference in my overall hair health. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever repurchased the same hair products as many times as I have these two – they’re just that good. I still have a tiny bit of the oil left but will definitely be repurchasing both in the near future – they are must-haves for me! Bonus – Kevin Murphy products smell unreal!!

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo

Bring out the shimmering highlights in your hair with Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo. This shampoo is a protein-enriched color enhancing shampoo that tones down brassiness on blonde / gray hair while shampooing away yellow. Refreshes faded highlighted hair. Maintains and refreshes cool, ash-toned hair color leaving hair shiny without residue, so let your lights shine.

Okay first things first, this stuff STINKS – like I absolutely hate the smell. It’s very strong and to me it smells like chemicals and old granny floral perfume. But this plus the Shimmer Lights Conditioner are the best at keeping my blonde hair cool-toned and icy. I only get my hair done about twice a year (balayaged) because this stuff keeps my hair looking fresh from the salon. Every single time I use the Shimmer Lights Shampoo + Conditioner at least one person asks me if I just got my hair done. This stuff is so concentrated that I have to be careful how long I leave it on or I do end up with lavender-hued hair – but I actually don’t mind when that happens! I am sure this stuff isn’t anywhere close to being considered clean (based on the smell alone) and I am always on the hunt for a cleaner alternative that works just as well, but I have yet to find one. I have already repurchased both the shampoo and the conditioner.


Well that sums up my recent empties, I hope you all enjoyed checking them out! Back in the day it was a rare occurrence that I actually finished any product because I have always been such a product junkie that I am so eager to move onto the next thing. But over the course of the last year or so I have been really working hard to make sure that I completely finish each of my products or pass them on to a friend if I feel they may get more use out of them than me.

Would you say you usually finish up all of a product before moving on to the next? Or are you more of a product junkie at heart like me?

Catch you next time beauties,


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Self-Care + Anxiety

By definition self-care is the practice of taking action to improve or preserve one’s own health; it looks different to everyone and that’s okay, it is called self care for a reason.

So why are we only recently starting to hear so much buzz surrounding these two little words? Well here’s my thoughts; we are living in an age where most of the time we are overstimulated, over-scheduled, over-worked, overwhelmed and often just plain over it. We give so much of ourselves to so many different channels (relationships, children, work, pets, volunteer work, school…the list goes on) that caring for our own self tends to become an after thought. It is so widely accepted that in order for a person to be seen as successful they must constantly be ‘grinding‘ or ‘hustling’ and the idea of resting or taking time out for yourself seems indulgent or lazy. Then there’s the fact that we are expected to make ourselves available to everyone at any given time all while appearing to be perfectly perfect on social media. There has been such a decrease in actual human-to-human contact because it is so much easier and faster to send a text or a DM; this is such the norm now that phone calls and in-person interactions often make people uncomfortable (myself included at times).

Any or all of these things can at times put the state of our mental health in a negative or even dangerous place; it is beyond important to know what the options are and the ways we can actively support and improve our mental health. Self-care can go a lot deeper than using a face mask a few times a week or having a candle-lit bubble bath, as I’ve recently learned there’s a bit more to it…

Warning, things are about to get ~~personal~~

Throughout my life I have struggled with varying degrees of anxiety; losing my mom to breast cancer when I was 7 years old really put a lot of heavy, negative emotions and thoughts into my head surrounding health, sickness, and death that I have since carried with me. I have been able to manage my anxiety for the most part and although it makes me that person that needs to know every detail of everything (Where are we going? Who will be there? What will we be doing? How long will we be there?) it has never overly stopped me from doing the things that I want to do – it’s just annoying and gets in the way sometimes.

A few months back, I had a health scare which I briefly talked about in my IG stories but never really went into any detail as I myself didn’t really even know what was going on. I was in and out of the emergency room with what I thought were extremely aggressive pms cramps (I’ve always had crazy periods so I didn’t think much of it). I was in serious pain, my levels of everything were off the charts high and I was a nervous wreck…I needed to know what was going on right that minute but of course that is not the way things go.

At the end of my second ER visit I was told I was getting a blood test to screen for ovarian cancer; although the “C” word terrifies me, I didn’t stress about it as I was told it was just a precaution since my inflammation markers were insanely high. I was told that endometriosis was at the top of the list for a possible diagnosis and as I had suspected this for awhile, I wasn’t overly alarmed. The next day when I went to see my family doctor expecting to talk about endometriosis and a treatment plan, she looked at me with a grave face and said “So the blood test you had yesterday for ovarian cancer…” and my entire world went black. Long story short, she explained that my markers were very high indicating that ovarian cancer was a real possibility and I needed to prepare myself for what was to come. I left there feeling like I had just been handed a death sentence; to say my anxiety was high doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.

My anxiety quickly became something that was present in every moment of every day. It was holding me back from social gatherings, from doing things around the house, at times from going to work, and left me feeling on-edge and withdrawn. Over the past few weeks it has hit an all time high and I had my first severe panic attack – sitting on my couch at home alone on a Thursday night. I started to feel like I was actually going crazy; Would these feelings ever stop? Was I going to be okay? Did I need to be checked into the hospital? These thoughts repeated over and over in my mind plus a million other similar ones. I had an MRI a week later which revealed endometriosis as my diagnosis and I honestly thought that once cancer was taken out of the equation my anxiety would go back to it’s “normal” level, but it hasn’t.

I have always been someone who is an advocate for mental health having seen family members and friends struggle with addictions, depression, anxiety, etc over the years. I have actively worked hard to practice self-care and to be aware of what my body needs, therefore I felt like I was really in control of my mental health. Well folks, I am here to tell you that you can be the most “in control” person around and sometimes your mental health just shits the bed – not the most eloquent way to put it but it is what it is.

I have practiced all kinds of self-care routines over the years and many of those things are what inspired me to start this blog and share my passion for all things beauty while incorporating my love of writing. Over the last couple of weeks I have been on a different self-care journey; I have started meditating every day, I am in an online wellbeing course, I am seeking the help of a professional, I have cut out caffeine (I’m a big tea guy now) and the biggest thing…I am talking about what’s going on. I have shared my struggles with those closest to me and the amount support and outpouring of love that I have received is something I can’t even put into words; I cannot express how important it is to simply talk.

This journey that I have been on has brought me to research what kinds of natural remedies and supplements are out there to help with anxiety. I love to research anything and everything and I found many useful tips, tricks, and remedies along the way. I already take vitamins and supplements daily and have forever now, but I have also found a few new natural supplements that have been working for me when it comes to my anxiety (if you’re ever interested to know more about those feel free to message me anytime). It is impossible to research natural remedies for anxiety and not come across CBD; so throughout my research I became curious about CBD as it seems to be the “wonder ingredient” that is everywhere and in everything lately. If you’re curious, I have talked extensively with my doctor about everything that’s been going on as well as asked her about natural supplements and CBD.

I am super new to CBD and still have a lot to learn myself, but it is definitely something I have been wanting to try as a natural support for my anxiety for a long time so when I came across FeelCBD on Instagram I was intrigued. I went over to their website and looked at each product they offer and read the reviews; that’s when I discovered that their pens not only contained CBD but also incorporated essential oils (which I already love and use) and they are a Canadian company. I reached out to ask them some questions about their products and to express my interest in using CBD to treat anxiety; Josie at FeelCBD was beyond kind and ended up asking me to be a part of launching their newest product. Previously, FeelCBD had offered disposable vaporizer pens and after hearing from their customers that they wanted something more sustainable, they listened and created a completely new USB-chargeable vaporizer pen. If a pen isn’t your thing, they also offer drops that can be placed under your tongue or on food/beverages as well as a raved about relief stick to help with anything from muscle aches to pms pain.

If you have ever considered trying CBD I urge you to go check out the FeelCBD website if only for the purpose of educating yourself further; I was super impressed with all of the information they have available (check out the “Learn” and “FAQ” tabs). They answer things like – What is CBD? What are the benefits of CBD? They talk about the sudden surge in safety issues surrounding “vaping” and my most pressing question about CBD – Will it get me high? (No, theirs won’t which is what I personally preferred). Their oil is composed of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil (sourced from a Health Canada approved Licensed Provider), Essential Oils (sourced from farms on Vancouver Island), and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

If after researching and checking everything out you decide you’d like to try anything from the FeelCBD website, you can use the code barebeauty10 to save $10 off your purchase (I don’t earn a commission on the sales – just a great incentive for you guys to try out their products) I am not here to sell you on anything, I genuinely wanted to share the journey I have been on and when I was given the opportunity to try CBD from Canadian company, I thought it would be the perfect way to tie the two together.

This blog post is lengthy, personal, and a side-step from what I typically talk about; I feel passionate about incorporating mental health and self-care into my blog because not only is it therapeutic for me, I know that it may help just one other person to feel that they are not alone.

What do you do to combat anxiety? In what ways do you practice self-care? I am always interested in educating myself more on both topics! Also interested to know your thoughts/experiences on CBD.

As always, thanks for reading along beauties,


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My Beauty Routine 10 Years Ago.

In this post I am going to share with you what my makeup, skincare, and hair care routines looked like 10 years ago including my favourite go-to products; I also may cry now and then as I write and reflect on the fact that the last 10 years have flown by and I am now 30 years old…😩😩

So, although I have always been a beauty obsessed girl, I didn’t always know exactly what I was doing. The biggest difference I notice looking back is that a) my skin was nearly perfect and I definitely didn’t appreciate it and b) most of photos I have from this era are taken from above, include me giving my best blue steel, and have a very noticeable filter slapped on🙈😳 I never smiled with my teeth back then because I thought it made me look weird…

My Skincare Routine in 2009

Thinking back on my skincare routine from when I was in my teens and early twenties I don’t remember using a ton of products, I was definitely more obsessed with makeup back in the day and this is right around the time that I first discovered MAC Cosmetics and Sephora. My skincare routine mostly consisted of Clean & Clear products with a few other randoms added in here and there. Here’s a few of my go-to skincare products from back in the day –

Makeup Remover – More often than not, I used baby wipes to remove my makeup; I’m honestly surprised and impressed that I even knew at this age that it was necessary to remove makeup before cleansing. When I was a little bit younger a friend of mine showed me how she removed her makeup – by slathering lotion (any kind) all over her face and eyes and then wiping it off with a wash cloth so of course, I too used that method for awhile *cringe*.

Cleanser – I was big into Clean & Clear for most of my teen years and into my twenties. I really had no skin issues to worry about (I know, I was very lucky) except for the odd pimple here and there and an oily t-zone. I was obsessed with the ‘Morning’ line and loved the citrusy smell of the products.

Toner – I remember reading in Cosmopolitan Magazine that I should be using a toner and/or astringent so I switched back and forth between this Clean & Clear toner and one of their astringents. I actively stripped the shit out of my skin (pardon my language) on the daily and then wondered why it was over-producing oil🤦🏼‍♀️

Moisturizer – As I said, I was obsessed with this Clean & Clear line and I used this moisturizer for a number of years. While I do know a lot more about ingredients and skincare in general now, back then this actually did work for me and I repurchased it many times.

My Makeup Routine in 2009

I told you above that I was definitely more obsessed with makeup 10 years ago but I mostly just loved to collect it…I honestly didn’t wear a lot of it (weird I know). I would say that the biggest changes to my makeup routine have been that I learned how to fill in my eyebrows (and literally do not leave the house without them filled in) and that I have learned how to properly use and apply various types of makeup. Here’s a look at some of my favourite makeup products from back then –

Foundation – This Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse was my go-to foundation for years; I started using it in high school and continued to use it for a long time after. I typically purchased it in a shade that was a little bit too dark, didn’t ever blend it past my jawline, AND applied it using my fingers…ahh to be young.

Concealer – I didn’t use concealer all that often, but when I did I only ever used it to cover blemishes and this Rimmel one did the trick.

Powder – I was obsessed with these Covergirl Tru Blend Mineral Powders; they were shimmery and I loved to dust it all over my face using no particular method…just all over (lol).

Bronzer – I was obsessed with these little bronzing beads. An older cousin of mine used them when I was a teen so I thought it was definitely something I needed in my life and continued to use the product for years. They were actually super annoying to use because they’d get stuck up in my brush and fling around all over the place…then I’d accidentally step on them…they were so messy.

Mascara – For my eyes, I really didn’t do much other than wear mascara. This Covergirl Lash Blast was my absolute favourite and I definitely told everyone I knew that they needed it in their lives.

Lips – 2009 was around the time I first discovered MAC Cosmetics and I ordered about 10 lip products in my first order. My ride-or-die favourite (which I still own two of) was their lipstick in the shade ‘Angel’; this baby-pink, slightly frosted shade was basically the essence of Brittany in 2009 (and for a number of years afterward💁🏼‍♀️).

My Hair Care Routine in 2009

Shampoo & Conditioner – As I look at this picture I can literally smell it…coconutty yummy goodness. I used various scents from Herbal Essences over the years and at one point when we installed a water softener and I thought it was making my hair slimy, I used their clarifying shampoo every single time I washed my hair🙈🙈🙈

Styling (shine) – I mostly straightened my hair back then and I either applied this shine spray before or after. I recently saw this sitting on the shelf at Shoppers and had to pick it up and give it a sniff for old times sake😂…it took me right back to being a teen and my hair smelling of this as well as slightly burnt from over-straightening my already pin-straight hair (and I wonder why my hair broke off for a solid 7 years straight).

Styling (texture) – To say that I loved this John Freida Ocean Waves salt spray is an understatement…I remember discovering it on the shelf at Shoppers Drug Mart in Medicine Hat when I was in high school and knowing that I needed it in my life. I really didn’t know how to use it but I tried my best to achieve the effortless beach waves the commercials claimed this spray would give me. This product is a cult favourite in the beauty world and was retired for a number of years but John Frieda re-released it a few years ago (I feel the new version isn’t nearly as good as the original).

My Favourite Fragrances in 2009

These are the two fragrances I started wearing in high school and continued to wear for years after; I actually still own a bottle of the Givenchy Hot Couture to this day. Perfume was probably the first beauty related item that I became completely obsessed with; fun fact – with my very first pay cheque from my very first job I bought a bottle of Britney Spears Curious (you know the one, the sickly-sweet smelling one in the blue diamond shaped bottle).

—-Back to 2019—-

Well, that rounds out my beauty routines from 10 years ago, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it maybe inspired you to think back on how your own beauty routines have changed.

I’m curious to know if you used any of these products or what your go-tos were when you were younger?!

I truly enjoyed writing this post and found myself recalling so many memories from over the years; I am a big fan of nostalgia-related things and these products were definitely giving me those vibes today.

Thanks for reading along beauties,


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10 of the Most Googled Beauty Questions – Answered!

If you’re anything like me you may often find yourself googling various questions in hopes of finding an answer that best suits your needs. I google questions a little more than I’d like to admit and often end up somewhere down the rabbit hole reading something completely off topic from what I originally googled. In this post I am going to give you my answers to 10 of the most googled beauty questions, so go ahead and keep reading below!

10. What is the best concealer?

There isn’t really a “one size fits all” when it comes to concealer; it depends on your skin type & tone and what you are wanting the concealer to do for you. For example, if you are looking to cover acne spots you may want something that is more full-coverage and may have an acne-fighting ingredient in it such as salicylic acid. Or you may be looking to cover dark circles and highlight under the eyes in which case you are going to need something that doesn’t settle into fine lines or crease and is possibly long wearing. Below are a couple of tried and true concealers that I have repurchased over the years and will continue to in the future for the simple fact that they work really well for my needs.

Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer – I have used this for years to cover any acne marks or stubborn redness around my nose, it works great and is long wearing. You can find this at Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart for $30.

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser – I have used this concealer under my eyes for dark circles as well as to highlight on my face for probably 7 or more years now. It is inexpensive, easy to find, and is legit one of the best concealers I’ve tried. You can find this at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $12.

9. How to fix “cakey” makeup.

We’ve all been there, you got a little carried away and heavy handed with your foundation/powder/bronzer and are now looking a little less glam and a little more like a cake face. Cakey makeup doesn’t do anything for you and trust me it’s something you want to avoid. My best advice to fix cakey makeup is to do one or both of the following things:

Using a damp beauty sponge (like the Beauty Blender above), go over your entire face slowly pressing the sponge into the skin to pick up any excess product and spread everything out evenly.

Give your face a good spritz using a makeup setting spray (like the Pür Cosmetics Lit Mist) or even a hydrating toner mist (like the Cocokind Rosewater Toner). This will blend all of your cream and powder products together leaving your makeup looking more even and natural.

8. How to keep eyebrows in place.

As someone who has very sparse eyebrows that have to be meticulously drawn in every day in order to be seen, this is not something I generally struggle with. But if you are one of those lucky souls who has naturally lush and voluminous brows you may find it tricky to keep them in place sometimes. Here’s a couple of products that have rave reviews when it comes to locking those luscious brows in place!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel – this stuff is legit; it is a cult-favourite among celebrities and makeup artists and does an amazing job at holding brows in place while still looking natural. You can get this for $29.50 at Sephora.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade – ABH is undoubtedly the queen of brows in the beauty world and has been for years; this pomade glides smoothly onto the brows and its creamy, gel-like consistency is perfect at providing colour and definition while keeping the brows held in place. This is $24 at Sephora.

7. How to remove fake eyelashes.

If you want to save and reuse your lash strips then you are going to want to be extra gentle when it comes to removing them. In my experience, I just gently pull the lashes off by the band starting at the outer corner of my eye and then clean them using a oil-free makeup remover or micellar water. If you went a little cray-cray on the lash glue or glitter liner you may just want to chuck that set and go for a fresh one next time but if you’re able to give them a gentle clean and they’re still in good shape there’s no reason you can’t save yourself a little cash and use them again!

6. What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a keratin treatment done on natural lashes to add volume, curl, and length. There are mixed reviews when it comes to this treatment as some people say that it can cause your lashes to grow back a little wonky (some straight, some curled) while others swear by it and get it done regularly. I have personally never had one but would be open to it some time in the future! Below is an example of a lash lift.

5. How to apply magnetic lashes.

The short answer – apply a coat of mascara and snap the lashes into place making sure that they align with your natural lashes. The longer answer – it’s nowhere near as easy as that!! It will definitely take a few tries to nail this process and it can be a bit frustrating along the way. Magnetic lashes busted onto the beauty scene in the last couple of years and while some people claim they are mistake-proof, experience has taught me that this isn’t the case. I much prefer my eyelash extensions to fake lashes as I feel they are much less work and although I do have to get them filled regularly, I get to wake up with effortless, glam looking eyelashes everyday and not have to worry about snapping them into place. If you’re interested in trying a set of eyelash extensions, give this post a read Bare.Beauty.Blog x Fabutan & Hush Lash Studio.

4. Best way to apply aloe vera.

As a fair-skinned blondie, I am no stranger to this green gel and have used it many times over the years. There is really no right or wrong way to apply it in my opinion, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You’re just going to want to make sure you apply it gently to the sunburnt area and allow it to fully dry. A couple of tips when it comes to aloe is to 1) keep it in the fridge, trust me it feels next-level amazing on sunburns and 2) wear loose clothing after applying so it doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

3. What hair colour looks best on me?

In my opinion, there is no real text book answer to this question. I say whatever makes you feel like the gorgeous individual that you are is the best hair colour for you! Bare in mind that certain colours on certain skin tones have the potential to wash you out or accentuate undertones but neither of those reasons are really that detrimental – go ahead and experiment and have fun with it in the process, it’s your hair!

2. How to remove makeup without using makeup wipes.

I can’t remember the last time I purchased makeup wipes; once I discovered micellar water, and cleaning balms/oils it was game over for me when it came to purchasing makeup wipes. Not only are they single-use products and are a huge environmental waste, they really aren’t that great for your skin. It is much better to use a product that is going to get deep into your pores to remove makeup and dirt than to basically smear the makeup back and forth all over your face and call ‘er a night. Trust me, there’s much better options out there for you, your skin, and the environment – ditch the makeup wipes. Here’s a couple of the products I use to remove makeup.

Reusable Cotton Rounds – I grabbed mine on Amazon for less than $20 and have been loving them so far. They come with a mesh bag that you can throw in the wash and they are much easier on the environment than disposable cotton rounds.

The other product I use to remove makeup is micellar water. I have always recommended the Garnier Micellar water but after recently discovering that their parent company, L’Oreal, allows animal testing in their out of country markets I will no longer be purchasing their products. I think the next micellar water I will purchase will either be from the brand “Simple” or “Yes to”. Micellar water removes all makeup (including water-proof mascara) and does not leave the skin feeling dry, tight, or like there is a film left. I highly recommend having a bottle of this on hand!

1. How to do the perfect cat eye with eyeliner.

Well I’ll be honest with you here, this is something I have never been able to master. There are so many “expert tips & tricks” out there and I am sure that many of them do work, I am just honestly a bit lazy when it comes to makeup and for the most part I don’t even regularly wear eyeliner at all. A cat eye is a great way to glam up any look so if it’s something you really aim to master, I recommend watching a few tutorials on Youtube so you can actually see somebody do it and then practicing on your own. Basically me every time I attempt a cat eye👇🏻


So beauties, have you googled any of these beauty related questions before? Or what are some of your own that aren’t on this list? I am curious to know! Thanks for reading along and I hope you found at least one of these points helpful!

Until next time,


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10 Products That Didn’t Work For Me.

I’m not here to bash brands or be negative about the products that I am about to tell you about, I’m just here to share some products that didn’t work for me personally and I will tell you why each one didn’t. Keep in mind, what may not work for me might work for you and vice versa so if you love any of these products that’s totally fine!! If you’re interested to know which products I haven’t been loving, keep reading.

1. Pür Cosmetics 4-in-1 Foundation Stick (around $45) – The website says this is a velvety-matte medium to full coverage foundation that leaves you looking fabulous from all angles. I loved the idea of this foundation and as a long time lover of their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation (I’ve bought it too many times over the years to count) I figured I would love this foundation too. However, I found that it never really set on my skin no matter what primer or setting powder I used, it just slid around all over the place. I also purchased it in a shade that is too light for me so that didn’t help matters either. I honestly don’t know what skin type this foundation would even be best for…it accentuates pores and blemishes and looks cakey no matter how much is applied; for me it was definitely a miss.

2. Rimmel London Stay Matte Concealer (under $10) – This concealer is said to be creamy and long wearing, sweat-proof, and promises instant flawless coverage that lasts all day. I am always on the hunt for great drugstore makeup and skincare to take the place of higher-end (more expensive) products. I purchased this concealer to use on my under-eye area and found it to be extremely drying…like to the point that it felt like it was going to crack right off. I do not have overly dry skin so I wasn’t expecting it to be so drying but yeah, it wasn’t a good scene. My favourite drugstore concealer ever is the Maybelline Age Rewind so I will be sticking to that when it comes to affordable concealer!

3. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask ($33) – Sooo this might be a bit of a controversial one as it’s raved about all over the place. According to Sephora, this is an overnight moisture-recharging gel mask that sinks in to leave the skin feeling deeply hydrated in the morning. Ummm…deeply hydrated? That may be a bit of an overstatement. I have tried this mask multiple times and each time am left wondering why people love it so much…it literally does nothing for me. Laneige also makes my favourite (another cult favourite in the beauty world) Lip Sleeping Mask so I know that they do have some great products, this mask just isn’t anything special to me.

4. Milk Makeup Blur Stick ($48) – This is a silicone-free, oil-free, matte primer stick that claims to blur pores and fine lines. I only have a deluxe-sized sample of this product (glad I didn’t spend the money on the full priced one) and although I don’t think it’s a “bad” product by any means, it just really doesn’t seem to do much for me. I still use it from time to time just to give it another chance and use up the product but I really notice no difference if I use it or not. There are definitely many other pore-minimizing primers that I would pay full price for but this unfortunately is not one of them.

5. Tarte Cosmetics Quench Lip Rescue Balm in the shade Nude ($26) – This is said to be a moisturizing lip balm in an array of different shades (there are quite a few to choose from). It wasn’t the colour that I didn’t love about this product, it was the formula. I found that rather than moisturizing my lips it actually made them feel drier and less hydrated than when I applied it. It has a minty cooling sensation that I did like but other than that there just wasn’t much I enjoyed about this product and I ended up passing it along to one of my friends.

6. dpHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner (around $33/bottle) – The website says that this formula uses specially formulated violet pigments to neutralize brassy yellow tones and stretch out the time between salon visits. I have heard rave reviews about this duo over the years and as a life-long blondie I am always on the hunt for the best of the best when it comes to purple shampoo and conditioner. I actually found this set at Winners and bought them on a whim expecting to be wowed after reading so many positive reviews but – you guessed it – I didn’t love them. The shampoo is suuuuper drying and the scent is EXTREMELY overpowering; the conditioner was just kind of meh…not the best I’ve ever used but not the worst either. I definitely have other products that I prefer when it comes to keeping my blonde hair brass-free so I guess I will just stick to those!

7. Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer ($100) – This product is “certified clean at Sephora” and claims to boost lash growth and thickness as a powerful lash enhancer. I had heard so many good things about using a lash serum and decided that I wanted to try one out for myself. With this one having cleaner ingredients than some I had researched I thought I’d pick it up and give it a try. I used it every night for about two weeks straight and throughout that time my lash line/eyelid area (where the product was applied) became red, irritated, and itchy. I figured it had to be this serum as there was nothing else new I was using that would have given that reaction and as it was a pretty expensive product, I ended up sending it back to Sephora for a refund. It could be that my skin was too sensitive or that it just didn’t ‘agree’ with my skin, either way it was not something worth keeping for me.

8. RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up ($48) – RMS Beauty is a clean beauty brand and this product is said to be a skin-perfecting concealer and foundation for the under-eye area and face. I was super excited to try this out as it was when I first started looking into the ingredients in my beauty products and I was searching for a great foundation replacement. I got it in one of the lighter shades and found that it was way too yellow-based for my skin tone and the product itself just did not sit nice on my skin. Again, it didn’t really ever set and moved around and transferred like crazy. Unfortunately, this was another product that was sent back to Sephora for a refund!

9. Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade in Blonde (under $15) – This is said to be a long-lasting formula that helps you achieve the look of full, sculpted brows. Well first things first, the colour was way too dark for me (I know…I really need to work on my colour-matching skills) but it was the lightest shade and I figured I could make it work. However, the colour of this is nowhere near blonde…it’s more like a dark brunette…so strange. The formula does seem to be alright so if you can find a shade that works for you it may be worth trying out!

10. No7 Radiant Results Nourishing Cleansing Balm (under $10 on sale) – The website says this is a nourishing cleansing balm (duh) that dissolves away dirt and oil using a blend of oils. I was super excited when I discovered a drugstore cleansing balm that was under $10 and thought there was no way I couldn’t give it a try. After using this a handful of times I found that it did not leave my skin free of dryness as it promised, but instead it did the opposite and left my skin red, dry, and tight. This one can maybe be chalked up to my ultra-sensitive skin, it may work for you if you’re skin is less spastic than mine (which is probably the majority of you)!!


Well that rounds out the list of products that didn’t work out for me, I’m not sure how everyone will feel about this type of post but hopefully it’ll be helpful in some way! As I said before, I don’t want to be bashing brands by any means but it is only natural that some products aren’t going to work for everyone and I think it’s okay to share those reviews too as long as they’re done respectfully.

Thanks for reading along, catch ya next time!


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Basic Skincare Starter Kit.

I have talked a lot about my favourite skincare products and what I have in my own collection but I thought I’d put up a post that will hopefully help you create your own basic skincare routine. The products I will show you here will create a simple, easy skincare routine and allow you to add in other specialty products at your own pace. If you are interested in reading about my collection and/or some more detailed skincare options, go ahead and check out my Current Skincare Routine. or My Current Skincare Favourites. I also have a post detailing all about why I decided to start my clean beauty journey, so you can check out this post Clean.

Makeup Remover.

First things first, you gotta get that makeup off. Many people think that you can just use your cleanser and expect it to remove makeup and properly cleanse the skin – this is not true. In order for your cleanser to do it’s very best job you need to first remove the layer(s) of makeup from your skin. Two of my favourite makeup removers are –

Garnier All-in-1 Micellar Water – I hate to sound like a broken record here but a micellar water is a must when it comes to skin care. The tiny micellar molecules go deep into your pores to remove all traces of makeup and leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped. Many brands have a micellar cleanser option this is just the one I’ve repurchased over and over. I get mine from Shoppers Drug Mart and it’s typically on sale for under $10.

Cocokind Facial Cleansing Oil – Cleansing oils are a great option for removing makeup while hydrating the skin. I used this cleansing oil all winter when my skin was super dry and flaky and it did an amazing job at removing my makeup. This is around $15 at Shoppers Drug Mart.


After you’ve removed your makeup you can go in with your cleanser. There are so many options when it comes to cleansers and you should definitely get one that is targeted to your specific skincare needs. I have sensitive, sometimes acne-prone skin so I do not switch up my cleanser very often.

Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser – This is honest to God the only cleanser I have used for over a year now. It contains tea tree oil and cucumber to balance and cool the skin and I love the way my skin feels after using it. You can purchase this from Fusion Shop + Salon for around $48.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser – This cleanser is a cult-favourite in the beauty world because it gently cleanses the skin without stripping it or leaving it feeling dry. It is non-comedogenic making it a great option for those with sensitive skin. You can find this at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $15.


Toner is actually a very important step in your skincare routine as it balances the pH of your skin after removing makeup and cleansing. I have tried many different toners over the years but I’ll show you the two I’ve been loving the most lately below.

Cocokind Rosewater Toner – This toner is perfect for sensitive or dry skin and is a more hydrating option. I use this as a toner, refresher, and a makeup setting mist. This is around $22 at Shoppers Drug Mart but you can often find it on sale for less.

Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar Toner – This toner is more targeted to oily or acne-prone skin and although my skin is sensitive it still really loves this product. Again, you can find this for around $22 at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Next up, you can add a moisturizer. No matter if your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or acne-prone, you should be using a moisturizer in your routine every day. Here’s a couple of options for you –

Eminence Organics Rosehip Whip Moisturizer – I have raved about this moisturizer numerous times now and it is definitely my go-to. It is hydrating, soothing, and balancing and my skin absolutely loves it. This is around $59 at Fusion Shop + Salon.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double-Repair Moisturizer – This moisturizer helps to nourish and protect the skin barrier and also helps to prevent irritation. La Roche-Posay is a dermatologist developed skincare brand and their products are loved all around the world due to the fact that they are high quality but still affordable. They have many options for different skin types so I urge you to check them out! You can find La Roche-Posay at Shoppers Drug Mart and this moisturizer is around $20.


I’m not going to lie to you, I only recently started exploring eye creams and treatments; I have never struggled all that much in that area but do think it’s important to start early before you see signs of aging because it’s easier to prevent than it is to reverse. I am only going to recommend one product in this category as it is hands-down my favourite and if you’re just starting out it’s the perfect option.

Cocokind Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick – No joke guys, this product is your skincare bff; I am obsessed with this stick and have prompted many people in my life to join in on the obsession. If you’re looking to add some moisture to your delicate under-eye area (or anywhere else for that matter) look no further than this jumbo lip balm style stick. You can grab this from Shoppers Drug Mart for around $12.


So there you have it, choose one product from each category and you’ve got yourself the perfect little skincare routine. Of course there are many more products you can add in (masks, serums, treatments…the list goes on) but if you are just starting out it’s best to stick to the basics and build on from there.

Thanks for reading, catch ya next time!


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Graduation/Prom Makeup Inspo.

Summer is right around the corner that means that some big special occasions are too. Whether it’s high school graduation, prom, a wedding, or even a date night these looks are my top picks right now when it comes to makeup trends; play them up and add your own unique spin or tone them down – makeup is all about having fun and feeling beautiful in your own skin!

Bold Lips & Defined Lashes💋

I am absolutely loving this look right now and it’s SO easy to achieve on your own. I’m going to break this look down step by step so if you’re interested in learning how to do it, keep reading!

1) Moisturize – the base of any great makeup look is your skin; make sure you are taking good care of it and moisturizing before applying any makeup.

2) Prime – Apply a primer to the skin to prep the face for makeup. Tip – if you’re looking to have that ‘lit from within’ glow try out an illuminating primer or mix a bit of liquid highlight into your primer!

3) Foundation – Next up it’s time for foundation; I think that this look works best when you aren’t completely covering up the skin but just accentuating it, so I personally would go for a more light to medium coverage foundation.

4) Concealer – Get a concealer that is at least 1 shade lighter than your foundation, that way the concealer has a highlighting & brightening affect when applied. I apply concealer like this👇🏻

You can do the dots or just swipe the concealer on in those places, either method is fine, then blend out with a damp beauty blender or makeup sponge.

5) Powder – It is important to set your concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder to save it from creasing or moving around on the face, just don’t get too heavy handed on the powder as it will cover up your glow!

6) Bronze & Highlight – I have never been super into contouring my face, I lightly bronze and highlight and like that more natural look much better. I apply bronzer in a “3” motion on each side of the face (top of the forehead, under the cheek bone, along the jaw line) and then apply a bit of highlight to the tip of my nose, cupid’s bow of my lips, and tops of my cheekbones. You can add a pop of blush as well, just make sure it doesn’t clash with or over power your bold lippie!

7) Eyebrows – Everyone has their own style of grooming or filling in their eyebrows; I fill mine in every single day because they are super blonde and invisible and I like them to be more defined. Brows are super important to creating the overall shape and definition of your face so don’t forget about them in your makeup routine.

8) Lashes – For this look, defined & fluttery lashes are a must. You can definitely achieve that using mascara, false lashes, OR you can use my promo at Hush Lash (Fabutan) here in Swift Current to get yourself some eyelash extensions; just mention my blog when booking to receive $30 off your full set! If your curious about extensions or want to know more about my experience, check out this post Bare.Beauty.Blog x Fabutan & Hush Lash Studio.

9) Lipstick – Obviously the star of the show here; I’ve showed you the three shades that I am loving as far as bold lips this season above. A blue-toned red (makes your teeth look whiter), an orangey-coral, or nearly-neon pink. I think that all three of these shades would be flattering on a wide variety of skin tones so the choice is up to you! I personally love MAC lipsticks and for drugstore Revlon and Maybelline have some great ones as well.

10) Setting Spray – You just put all that work into your makeup, make sure you set it to hold it in place! Setting spray also helps to blend everything together on the face (your foundation, powder, etc) giving you a more natural, seamless finish.

A Little Sparkle✨

My girl Kaitlyn Bristowe has been rocking this look lately and I am obsessed (photos are from her Instagram). To achieve this look all you really have to do is follow the same steps listed above, with a couple of things added in a long the way!

1) Blush – The only thing I’d do differently on the face for this look is add a pop of blush; you can stick to a more neutral colour or go for a more punchy pink or coral tone – up to you!

2) Glitter – Before applying mascara, prime your eyelids (either with eyeshadow primer or concealer) and add a skin coloured shadow all over the lid & up towards the brow bone. I would then take a crease brush and blend any matte medium brown shade into the crease from the outer corner of the eye to just before the inner corner just to give some contrast to the eye. The easiest way to get this super glittery eye look is to use a product like the Stila Glitter & Glow, the NYX Glitter Goals, or the Essence Metal Shock liquid glitter eyeshadow (less than $6 at Shoppers Drug Mart🙀). You can also spray an eyeshadow brush with setting spray and dip it into a glittery eyeshadow, it will make it apply much more intensely and last longer. You can also see in the second photo that Kaitlyn has some white eyeliner in her bottom water line, this helps to make the eyes look bigger & more awake!

3) Eyeliner & Mascara – After you’ve got your glitter all situated, you can apply eyeliner if you’d like (I’d use liquid for this look) and then mascara (or get those extensions😉).

4) Lips – You can do a more neutral, glossy lip here or go bolder; I personally love the look of the glitter on the eyes with the bubblegum pink lip!💁🏼‍♀️


I hope you enjoyed this post guys! I think both of these looks are super fun and really are easy to achieve, even if you’re new to makeup. If you need any product recommendations or advice on either look I’m always open to chat!

Thanks for reading along beauties,